CodeFunction is an extension MediaWiki. It provides a parser hock, which allows the usage of <snippet>...</snippet> in a wiki article. The code between the tags will be displayed in a pretty format, including hiliting, line numbering configurable prompt and configurable header.

For syntax hilighting GeSHi is used. A copy of GeSHi is included in the source code.


The latest version of CodeFunction can be fetched from the git repository:

git clone git://git.lab.sh/code-functions.git $IP/extensions/CodeFunctions


To install the extension, the following line must be included into LocalSetting.php of your MediaWiki installation:

# Enable Extension:CodeFunctions
require_once ("$IP/extensions/CodeFunctions/CodeFunctions.php");


The snippet tag can be included into every wiki article like an normal HTML tag. The following example will show the usage of the tag to include some lines of SQL into a MediaWiki:

  FROM wiki.mwuser
  WHERE user_name = 'Fooker';
  FROM wiki.mwuser
  WHERE user_name = 'Root';

The code surrounded by the tag supports line continuation. The code must start on the first character of the line to mark it as a new line. If the code is indented using two spaces, the line will continue the line above.

The only difference between a starting line and a continuing line is the prefix used for the line. The starting line will use prefix1 and the other lines will use prefix2. If there should be no difference between the two prefix version the parameter prefix can be used.

The parameters target1 and targt2 can be used to form a header above the code. The two values for the parameters are concatenated using the at sign. If one of the two parameters are omitted, the separated is omitted, too. If there was no values given for ether target nor target2, the whole header block is omitted.

If the parameter language has a value, GeSHi will be used to hilighte the syntax of the given code. The language is directly passed to GeSHI without any modification. For a list of available languages see http://qbnz.com/highlighter/examples.php.


The following parameters are supported by the snippet tag:

prefixThe prefix used for each line
prefix1prefixThe prefix used for starting lines
prefix2prefixThe prefix used for continuing lines
target1The first part of the header
target2The second part of the header
languageThe language used to hilight the code


To avoid the repetition of complex snippet definitions and unification of multiple usage of the same code type, templates are recommended. An example for such a template can be:

  target1="psql {{{database}}}"

The usage of such an template, called Template:Code/PSQL will be very easy:

  FROM wiki.mwuser
  WHERE user_name = 'Fooker';
  FROM wiki.mwuser
  WHERE user_name = 'Root';

The usage of the template parameter code can be omitted, if the code contains no =. If the code contains a pipe symbol, the pipes must be replaced with the pipe template or the extension Pipe Escape.


CodeFunctions is open source and licenced under the GPL 3. You can read and download the licence under http://gplv3.fsf.org/.