PyCo comes with a easy extensible list of renderers to transform the file content to HTML output.

To tell PyCo which renderer should be used to render the file content of a specific file, a shebang (or hash bang) is used. The shebang must be starting on the first character of the first line of the file and must contain only the name of the renderer prefixed by #!.

An example using the Creole Renderer:

#! creole
This is the content of the file...

Available Renderers

The following list shows all currently available renderers:

PreformedpreDisplays the file content as preformed text
InlineinlineDisplays the raw file content
CreolecreoleFormatting content pages using the creole syntax
SmoothGallerysmoothgalleryUsing SmoothGallery to display a picture gallery
BlogblogA file based blog